How To Find Your Perfect Vacation Home

Choose between the Caribbean/Bahamas, Europe (Italy or France), Latin America (Costa Rica, Mexico, or Panama), Pacific Rim, and the continental United States.
Are you looking for a beach vacation? A vacation near historical/cultural attractions? The absolute seclusion and privacy of a private island? Or a nature-based experience?
Do you prefer a vacation home with elegant, luxurious decor? A more relaxed, simpler style? Perhaps more contemporary or chic? Or a rustic, cabin-like feel?

How Sanctuare Ensures a Good Fit For You

Depth of Experience

Sanctuare Owner and President John Steinle has been associated with premier travel companies since 1970. After graduating from Columbia University Business School, he rose to Vice President with Rockresorts, Laurance Rockefeller’s resort company. Since, 1998, when he acquired Sanctuare, John has carefully refined the Company’s portfolio to include distinctive properties in the Caribbean and Bahamas, Europe, Latin America, the Pacific Rim and the U.S.

Meticulous Property Vetting

Before accepting a property into Sanctuare’s portfolio, Mr. Steinle spends time at the property with its owner so he can experience it as a rental guest would. Based on this personal connection with each property, and with a portfolio intentionally limited to no more than twenty properties, Sanctuare’s clients can be assured of unusually knowledgeable guidance. Compared to the internet-reliant searching alternative, Sanctuare is a hands-on travel consultancy.

A Questions-First Approach

Mr. Steinle begins each client relationship by exploring the special needs and wants of his client. He will continue to probe until he has a clear understanding of the special kind of vacation experience the individual client, and his/her family or group, are seeking. If Sanctuare’s portfolio doesn’t meet those needs, Mr. Steinle will acknowledge that and, if appropriate, will recommend other sources to his client.